Friday, April 11, 2014

Know When to Fold Em

Funny Birthday Ecard: I find it strange that we celebrate you on the anniversary of a day when your mom did all of the work.

Little A's birthday is coming up, with Big A's a few weeks later.  Ugh!  Why is it that kids birthdays have turned into such a big deal?  When I was a kid, we had people over for cake and ice cream and we played pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.  My mom would make me a cat shaped cake every year (remember, I used to be a crazy cat lady), with the face being made out of jelly beans and licorice (no professionally made fondant covered masterpieces). 

Last year, we got away with doing a joint party for them at a local community centre, but just to prepare all the healthy (ish) cupcakes, cake balls, etc. that they requested, and set up all the entertainment, and make the music CDs for the lootbags, almost left me a drooling idiot.  I think I needed several days to recover from all the stress and excitement.

This year, I am subcontracting much of the work out.  I just can't do it.  Things are busy and it's too much right now.  It's also all so darn expensive.  I hate that.  Not just because its a ridiculous amount to spend, but because, I can't imagine how horrible it must be for kids whose parents cannot afford all the usual frills (venue, loot bags, decorations, etc., etc.).

Initially, the girls each chose a different venue, but just the basics for the combined parties (not including loot bags, cake, etc.) was going to cost $1,000.  My neighbour mentioned that Amazon Indoor Playground has better rates so I checked it out.  At first I was reluctant because it's really far from our neighbourhood, but when I discussed it with the girls, they loved the themed parties on offer.  Unfortunately (and predictably), Little A chose the Princess theme, while big A chose Rock Star.  I love that the snacks and cake are included (I am going to pretend it's not made with white flour and sugar), and for a reasonable price, we could add pizza (which I requested with whole wheat crust).  I thought I would deal with loot bags myself, but at the last minute, broke down out of sheer desperation and ordered them from The Loot Lady.  At least they are mostly toys and only one small sugary treat.  Sigh!

Part of me feels like a failure because I can't be more of a Pinterest-Obsessed-Make-Everything-Beautiful-All-By-Myself type mother, but at the end of the day, I realized its about making the kids happy and they are very excited for their parties.

With Passover starting Monday, it will be a busy weekend.  I am bringing several dishes to my mother-in-law's sedar, and there are still a few things I promised to make for Adam.  I also have to work this evening and tomorrow morning, and we have dinner plans with friends on Saturday night.  Hence, I tried to avoid booking any clients on Monday so I can cook, in case it doesn't all get done this weekend but I ended up having to squeeze in one appointment.

Well I am glad that it's Friday anyways.  It was another tough week.  Adam got the bug Big A and I had last week and he had to stay home Wednesday.  When he stays home from work, you know he is super, super sick!  But the weather is getting better and there is lots to be grateful for.  The fact that my top-of-mind complaint is organizing the girls' birthday parties makes it obvious how fortunate I am...I will try to remind myself of that over the next few weeks...

Have a happy, healthy weekend and enjoy this gorgeous weather!!

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