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The Create-Your-Plate Diabetes Cookbook: Book Review

Food has become a popular topic of conversation during this pandemic. Panic buying, changing habits (everyone is now baking their own bread?), food delivery, grocery store line-ups, shuttered restaurants, restaurants transitioning to delivery and take out only...and then you have all the memes poking fun at people suddenly becoming gourmet chefs for a few days until their resolve crumbles and they start eating cereal for every meal and everyone complaining they are gaining weight due to less activity and closer proximity to the fridge.

Unfortunately, the situation has been tough for a lot of my counselling clients struggling with disordered eating, whether its restriction and dieting or binging.

As I have stated many times, I am not a fan of diets and restrictive eating. That being said if you love being keto or whatever, you are healthy and not oscillating between restriction and binging - which is what happens to most people who try restrictive diets - than knock yourself out. Real…

Complete Calisthenics, 2nd Edition: Book Review

How is your pandemic going?  Are you bored yet? Or too anxious to be bored?

I am sure you have seen enough of people's online workouts and tips for keeping fit while stuck at home (but for the record, try out for free workout videos that are great!).

Perhaps fitness videos or apps are not your thing. Can I interest you in a fitness book? You know what books are right, those things made from paper...with a spine...and a cover...and you need to hold it in your hands and it has no battery or buttons?

If books do appeal to you, than I suggest checking out Complete Calisthenics, by writer and personal trainer, Ashley Kalym.

What are calisthenics? Bodyweight exercises such as planks, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, handstands, etc.

You should know that THESE EXERCISES ARE HARD! They all start with basic versions for beginners, but as a personal trainer myself, I can tell you right now, a lot of people will not even be capable of the beginner version. For push-ups, f…