Thursday, September 25, 2014

What I'm Loving: Age 40 Edition

Shana Tova!  Its very appropriate that I celebrate Rosh Hashana as I have always felt like September is a time of change and renewal more so than January 1st.

Its also around my birthday, of course, so it really is a time of change for me personally.  I can't really believe that I'm 40 now!  But its fine, no different than 39 or 38 really...

Admittedly, I had a little breakdown a few weeks ago prior to my birthday.  All the old insecurities I have reared their ugly heads and, while assessing just what I've done with my life up until now, I convinced myself that I was a big, worthless failure.

Fortunately, I used my counselling knowledge to reason with myself and was able to drag myself out of it...partially...and was feeling a bit better when my actual birthday rolled around.  Then, miraculously, I woke up the day of my birthday and was all back to normal.  Seriously, I don't know what that was all about, but I've totally bounced back.  Moving on...

I wanted to share with you some of the things I am loving these days.

I wish I could say I was at a point of complete self-acceptance, but I'm not, so this stuff helps, as it really does minimize the appearance of the lines on my forehead!!
L\'Oreal Revitalift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair Night Creme
I spent the summer in these new compression pants from Pro Compression (I bought 2 pairs).  Love them!  You can wear the waist up (to suck everything in), or roll them down.  They are really flattering and comfy and have a little pocket just big enough for a key and a credit card ;)  I wear them, not only for workouts, but just around on days I am not seeing clients in the office.

Black with Black Piping

I know I've mentioned it a few times already, but I am so loving Essentrics

I no longer do ANY static stretching or yoga and do this program a few times a week instead.  Its taken 10 years+ off how I feel!

These Litre containers of egg whites from President's Choice are a must for me.  I always have at least one in the house.  They are so economical and convenience for adding some protein to my morning oatmeal and for baking.

PC® Blue Menu® Liquid Egg Whites 1kg
One word: Blendtec!
I use this thing several times a day, whether its to make coffee frappes for myself, hummus, or smoothies for the kids.  So awesome and a cinch to clean!!

President's Choice Stevia-Sweetened Water Enhancer

PC® Peach Mango Liquid Water Enhancer

I have no problem drinking plain water...if its ice cold.  If it can't be ice cold, I need a little something in it and this stuff does the trick.
I also can't get enough of Nuts To You tahini and sunflower seed butter...I feel like I am always running out!  My favorite thing to do is make spicy, savoury sauces with them.  Oh so good!
Nuts To You Organic Fair Trade Sesame Tahini

Finally, while I try to snack mostly on fruits, veggies and cheese, something I need a snack that  is a bit more indulgent and for that, I love Quest Double Chocolate Chunk bars.  YUM!

Quest Bar Double Chocolate Chunk (12 Bars)
There you have it...some of the little things that make me happy!  Hope you have a happy day.

We're heading to shul this morning as well as tomorrow morning, so we'll get some family time together with the girls - who are just excited to miss some school!

Happy new year to anyone celebrating.

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