Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Successes and Lessons Learned

Is it seriously the first day of school?  How did this happen?  The summer flew by!  I don't usually feel that way.  Usually the heat and humidity make if feel like it is dragging, to me.  But with the delightful weather this year, I am really sad to see it go...even if this past weekend was really stinking hot and sticky!

This weekend was filled with successes and, um, learning opportunities.

What was successful:

Trip to the Ex - We took the girls and Big A's boyfriend and had a blast.  We were there on Friday from 11am until 3:45pm and we only left because we had to get to Adam's parents' house for dinner.  The kids could have stayed a few more hours!

Family fun - the girls had a great time with Adam's siblings' kids Friday night and with my brother's kids and my parents on Saturday.

Sunday the weather was extreme so I insisted we go to Vaughan Mills mall.  We managed to find the girls leotards for gymnastics, a new lunch bag for Big A and these boots for both girls (except in brown, not pink), which they both fell in love with on first sight:

fringe bootie
Monday Adam took them swimming at the MNJCC and then they had a playdate with our neighbour's girls, whom they get along with beautifully.

Yesterday the girls had a very successful playdate with our neighbour's kids.  They have 2 girls, each 1 year younger than ours and they played together beautifully for several hours.  So nice to have friends in the neighbourhood!

What we "learned":

The girls don't like cheesecake - Little A randomly decided we had to make cheesecake. I don't like it and Adam is lactose intolerant, but I figured, what the hell.  Adam went out and bought a boat-load of cream cheese, and Saturday afternoon I baked with the girls (recipe to be shared soon).  It turned out great (if you like cheese cake), but after 1 piece, the girls decided it was too 'cream cheesy'.  The whole thing went to our next door neighbours (who don't seem to have any dietary concerns and are great for getting rid of any unhealthy stuff we don't want in the house).  They were happy to take it.

Little A isn't big on bowling - We started our Vaughan Mills visit with a stop into Lucky Strike bowl.  After paying the ridiculous fee, we got the girls a lane.  Big A was thrilled but after a few rounds, Little A laid down on her back and refused to play anymore.  Big A ended up playing for both of them.

Ah well, we had some fun and we're a whole lot wiser now!

Off for our first day of senior kindergarten and third grade!!

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