Monday, December 13, 2010

Wimpy or Wise?

If you don't complain about the weather at least once a week, I believe your Canadian citizenship can be revoked. Okay, I'm kidding, but complaining about weather is a national past time along with watching hockey and drinking double doubles from Tim Hortons.

Unlike most sane folks in this fair country, however, I have always hated the heat of summer more than the winter cold. But I have noticed that my tolerance of the cold has declined in recent years. It started when I was pregnant with Little A. Usually pregnancy makes women warmer...not me! That winter, which admittedly was a very bad winter, I just couldn't shake the chill. Several times in March of that year, when I was 9 months pregnant and it was still bitterly cold, I even called in sick to work because I just couldn't take it anymore.

This year I'm struggling again and I'm wondering what has happened to me. All through grad school, I would ride my bike ALL winter long, yes, you heard me...neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail, nor a massive snow storm would stop me. Nutty I know. Now fast forward to last week. Monday was chilly and there was some snow on the ground and even though the streets were clear, I could not bring myself to bike to physio. So I paid $8 to park for an hour and undid all the good the physiotherapist had done by driving home from my appointment (sitting in the car aggravates my hamstring more than anything else). I ended up regretting my choice. Today it is -8 celcius (18 fahrenheit) and while it is colder and there is a bit more snow than last week, the streets are clear. I have been wrestling with how to get to physio all morning. When I got back from dropping off the girls, my nose and toes were numb. Cosy slippers, hot porridge and tea have made me feel better, however, the idea of biking for 30 minutes each way in this is daunting. But Adam has the car today and if I take public transport (either 2 subways and a bus or 2 bus rides, depending on which route I take), it will take me forever to get there and back, I'll have less time to get school work done AND I will be super late for Little A's holiday concert/party at daycare. At this point I think I've convinced myself to ride my bike wearing: waterproof pants over my jeans, warmer winter boots than I had on this morning, an extra fleece vest layer under my winterjacket and my full face mask on my head. Yes, I know, I won't be a pretty site, but this is not a time to worry about appearances. I just want to get there and back in one piece without frostbite on any of my extremities. Okay, let's see if I still have it in me...

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