Monday, December 6, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

I am really eating crow today! I am a complete idiot. As usual.

First, the daycare was right. Something WAS wrong with Little A. When I finally got her in to see a doctor this weekend, he confirmed that she had an ear infection. What??? She really and truly was not acting like it, at least not at home. In the past, when she has had one, she has been hysterical and very obviously in pain. Aside from the daycare's reports of an intermittant fever, she was acting just fine at home. None of the usual signs (constant fever, hysteria, misery, etc.). She's now on antibiotics and doing fine. I don't know how many times the girls have had an ear infection and I tell myself that the next time I will recognize the problem sooner. I now vow that anytime either of them has any trace of a fever, I'm taking them to the doctor immediately to RULE OUT an ear infection. Poor, poor Little A and bad, bad mommy. Or, as she is still calling me, "Mommy Poo Poo".

Second, I finally heard back from Dr M. at Mt Sinai. Oh boy. She apologized for the delay with our proposal, but explained that it took her several uninterrupted hours to make all the necessary changes to our consent form. Huh? I thought I had addressed almost ALL of the consent form changes and had only left her with a very small amount of work (making decisions about medical stuff that I could not do myself). What did I miss? I'm really puzzled as I was, or I thought I was, very diligent about making all the corrections. I feel HORRIBLE and STUPID. In any case, the good news is the research project looks like it's a go, as long as the ethics board now approves our proposal. I profusely apologized to her for overlooking some of the required changes (I'm wondering if I sent her the wrong file, because I really, truly spent hours on the corrections!) and promised that I would shoulder the responsibility for any future tasks.

My head must be full on sand or something. Time to clean my ears out.


  1. Okay, you are NOT a complete idiot! As far as the ear infection goes, how are you supposed to catch that if her symptoms are different every time? (Although my sis has a monitor she sticks in my nephew's ear that has done a really good job with letting her know if he has one, it's kinda like the ear thermometers? If they get EI a lot, maybe worth looking into?) I'm glad that you got it figured out!!!

    As far as the consent form goes, I personally edit just about everything I get, and I think it's more about my being anal than there being things majorly wrong with what I got. Or, it might be that there are specific things she knows need to be included that you just weren't aware of. Give yourself a break, at least until you get it back and see what changes she made :)


  2. Aw thanks Nic, I appreciate the support. Seeing as this is Little A's 3rd or 4th ear infection, I seriously may have to look into that gadget your sister has. Thanks for the tip, I've never heard of it before!