Tuesday, December 7, 2010

8 Crazy Nights

Tomorrow is the last night of Hannukah and I am actually relieved. This holiday has brought an endless amount of parties, which has meant an endless amount of chocolate coins, jelly donuts and cookies that my girls have been eating. If you had told me a few years ago how much crap my kids would be eating at this point, I would have told you that I would never let that happen. Ha! Now I'd probably feed them a KFC Double Down myself if it meant 5 minutes of peace and quiet! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit. But it was slightly disturbing to see Little A crawling under chairs at the JCC Hannukah party on Sunday, collecting the chocolate coins that people had dropped on the floor and even more disturbing that she and Big A ended up eating nothing much besides chocolate, marshmellows and a few bites of latka for their lunch that day. Tonight Adam is taking them to the final Hannukah blow out at his grandparents shul tonight so at least I get some extra time to myself to get some school work done.

Speaking of school, it's going extremely well. I am enjoying my group therapy course and am working very well with my project partner. We seem equally responsible and committed to getting a good grade. I have to say though, I'm actually frustrated by the fact that I'm doing so well in my program (in my last course I actually got 100%...yes, 100% in the whole course! Why am I frustrated? Because it doesn't matter! I need this degree to start a practice, not to get entrance into any further academic programs (yes, this really is IT for my schooling). It's not like my future clients will care how many 'A's I have on my transcript and employers in the counselling field will care far more about my experience than my grades...and I still have no #@$* experience!

The great news is that I FINALLY heard back from J.S. at Women's College Hospital. She confirmed that she is fine with me starting my practicum with her in May. The not so great news is that after reassuring me in our initial meeting that her employers give her the latitude to do whatever she wants, she said she has to meet with her supervisor next week and get permission to take me on. Of course, I should have seen that coming.

The girls are doing really well right now and I am enjoying them more than ever. I think we are finally, FINALLY over the worst of the tantrums/defiance with Big A. Mornings are so much better now! This morning when Little A slept so late we had to wake her at 8am (if only Big A would sleep this much, Adam and I might be able to sleep in ourselves once in a while!) and I discovered just as we were heading out that the stroller had a flat tire, Big A was wonderful about getting ready quickly and walking briskly, without complaint so she wouldn't be late for school. She is also developing a very quick wit. Her nickname at school is "Goldilocks" because of her blonde curls. So at swimming on Sunday morning when we were going from the changeroom to the pool she said, "Mommy I'm cold...I'm Coldilocks!" I thought that was very clever.

Little A is still a mischievous little monkey but she is also seriously adorable. She now sings the alphabet song, although she can only really pronounce a few of the letters properly, and she sings the birthday song, "Happy to you...happy to you!" every night when we light the candles on the Menorah and later in her crib to herself at bedtime. She still calls me "Mommy Poo Poo" and gets a big kick out of saying something naughty. Oh my girls!

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