Friday, December 3, 2010

Mommy Poo Poo

Oh my girls! They drive me nuts but I love them so. They are such characters. Little A is still refusing to use many words with us. She prefers to point, babble and then scream hysterically when we cannot figure out what she wants. I had a long talk with one of her daycare teachers this morning who assured me that she is using a lot of words there, most of which we have never heard from her before. She did admit, however, that Little A usually just cries first, until they force her to use words to ask for what she wants. She suspects that we given too quickly to her crying instead of encouraging her to verbalize. Of course, yesterday when Big A started calling me Mommy Poo Poo on the way to school, Little A picked this up immediately and they were both yelling "Mommy Poo Poo" and laughing hysterically all the way.

Little A is also still being difficult about her teeth. When we get out the toothbrush, she starts yelling, "No teeth, no teeth!" and it takes Adam holding her head staight and restraining both her hands while I shove the toothbrush in to get her teeth brushed. This means that it is physically impossible for me to brush her teeth in the morning when I am by myself. I end up brushing her lips while she howls and squirms, even if I've restrained her in the stroller.

Big A made us absolutely crazy on Wednesday night, the first night of Hannukah. Her best friend G., was over for dinner. Adam took Little A out for a bit to give the big girls some time to play without interference. After they finished their banana pancakes and carrots and dip (the meal Big A requested), Big A wanted some Hannukah gelt (chocolate coins) for dessert. Both she and Little A had gotten a bag of chocolate coins from the Hannukah party they went to last weekend. I acquiesced but when I handed her a coin, she proceded to break off a tiny crumb for G. I explained to her that she must give G. a whole coin for herself but Big A started yelling that she "Didn't want to waste any of HER coins." I was outraged and grabbed a coin from her bag to give to G. She became hysterical so I grabbed one from Little A's bag and gave it to G. I told her she could have no more chocolate. Big A screamed and cried until I warned her that if she didn't stop immediately, I would throw all the chocolate in the garbage.

When Adam got home I told him the story. After G. went home, he told Big A he was taking one of her chocolate coins and giving it back to Little A. This triggered another screaming fit from her. I asked her how she would feel if G. did the same thing to her when she was visiting her house. She finally seemed to understand why what she had done was wrong and actually offered to call G. to apologize. I was impressed with that and we dialed the number for her. As appalling as her refusal to share was, I really think she understood the lesson we were trying to teach her. I just hope she'll be more gracious about sharing next time...

Little A's daycare is really starting to piss me off. For the third time this week, they just called and told me she has a fever and I need to pick her up. Huh? Each time I come, she is fine and has no fever and doesn't seem sick at all. Is she developing an allergy to the daycare or something? So it looks like my day today is shot. I just had to cancel my meeting with the poor woman who just had a miscarriage and reschedule for next week. Here I go off to get Little A AGAIN...

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  1. Okay, I'm giggling a bit at the Mommy Poo Poo, I can just imagine my boys going with that. They do sometimes starting calling things poopy, and rather than telling them not to I've made a game out of it by saying other rhyming words - they both start doing that too and pretty soon we're all enjoying ourselves without the potty mouth :)

    Do they seriously make you take her home if she has no temperature when you get there? Can you ask your doctor about it? Is it possible she's getting overheated while playing, are they keeping her coat on when she's inside? It definitely seems like there's something else going on here besides her actually being sick.

    I also totally think you did the right thing with Big A and the chocolate, good for you!!! I'm impressed that she wanted to call G and apologize, good for her too. xo.