Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brussell Sprouts

Yes, I really am devoting a whole post to this humble vegetable. I will admit that, along with mushrooms and raw tomatoes, I did not learn to enjoy this tasty veggie until I was an adult. But if you haven't tried them lately, I urge you to. Not only are they packed with vitamins and minerals, but they pack 6g of protein per cup and provide a complete vegetarian protein when combined with a whole grain! I don't usually like frozen veggies as much as fresh, but frozen baby brussell sprouts are actually quite good, if you prefer their convenience. If you can't handle them plain, it's easy to jazz them up. Here are a few ideas:

- Saute with oil-packed, thinly sliced sundried tomatoes and garlic
- Saute with a drizzle of olive oil, chopped garlic and a splash of pure maple syrup
- Saute with orange juice, orange zest and grated fresh ginger
- Add to a curry, stir-fry or pasta recipe


  1. My favorite way is to coat them in a tiny bit of olive oil, some salt and pepper and roast them at high heat (450 or even 475 degrees - US temps) for about 20-30 minutes. They'll be roasty toasty brown and caramelized and YUUMY!

  2. Leslie that sounds amazing, I'm going to have to try it!!