Friday, May 23, 2014

Team Work

Well hello on this drab Friday morning!  The weather is so unpredictable, I can't tell from one day to the next if it is actually going to rain or not because the weather reports are never reliable.  This makes it tough for me to decide whether to ride my bike or take the subway to work.  Having just tuned up my bike, I am reluctant to have it rained on...

Anyhoo, at least its Friday!  I work tomorrow, but then we have dinner plans with friends in the evening.  Sunday Adam is heading to Kingston to give a talk to my mom's synagogue Jewish education group. After my spin class and the girls' Hebrew School, Little A has a playdate and Big A and I are going to check out Christie Pits Park Arts Festival.  The weather is SUPPOSED to be nice.

So, I have already raised over $1,500 for the Weekend to End Women's Cancers funding Princess Margaret Hospital! But my team, the Teal Magnolias, still has a long ways to go. I am so glad to have some awesome women embarking on this journey with me.  Isn't everything better when you can do it as a team?  Well, most things at least.   How about helping us out???  You can make a donation here.  Every tiny bit is appreciated.

Have a healthy, happy weekend.

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