Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Sole Story: Vionic Shoe Review

Happy feet are important.  I love cute shoes, but for me, they are not worth it if they aren't comfortable.  I envy women who can where whatever shoes they want without much thought, but I am not that woman!

First of all, there has to be some practicality to footwear for me.  If I can't chase after my children, run for the bus, etc. then forget it.  Special occasions are the only time I'll break this rule, but even then they have to be comfortable. At our wedding, my shoes came off right after the ceremony and didn't make it back on for the rest of the night.  I could have cared less that my dress dragged on the ground.  Those nasty buggers pinched like all get out.

The other reason I have such limited shoe options is that I have really bad feet.  My circulation is bad (which is odd for a very fit person), and although my doctor is not concerned about it (although the podiatrist a few years ago just told me to avoid walking outdoors all winter long...right!), it means warmth is key in the colder months.  I also have very sensitive skin so straps and things often cause chaffing and blisters.  I have a bunion on the outside of my left foot creates problems with fit, and my gait, walk and biomechanics are basically messed up (I have over $1,000 worth of orthotics that failed to help!), so I have to wear shoes with adequate support if I want to avoid pain.  And forget about squeezing my feet into narrow, pointy-toed stilettos! That's just a recipe for disaster.

Summer is often the worst time of year for me, foot-wise, because finding sandals I can wear without socks that don't create blisters, chaffing or pain is really challenging...especially when trying to find shoes that are appropriate for work.  So when Vionic offered to let me try a pair of their shoes, I, of course, said, "Absolutely!"

I sure am glad I did.  I got the Catarina model in bronze.  They are rather elegant looking for such comfortable shoes, and I can tell they are good for my feet.  They are supportive but light and well cushioned.  What a treat for my feet!!  I am so thrilled I have a pair of shoes that look stylish enough for the office this summer, but also allow me the freedom to walk with comfort.  That is not a small feet...I mean feat.

Unfortunately, they don't seem to have any boot or fall/winter shoes available yet, but if they come out, you can bet I will checking them out.

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