Friday, May 30, 2014

Strange Happenings


Its Friday!  Hallelujah!  I need a break from the morning routine.  Little A has been in another pissy phase and has been just insufferable.  How does a 5-year-old wake up so angry at the world?  I do think it must be some sort of anxiety as she doesn't get into these fits on weekends or holidays and she always complains about having to go to school.  Its strange though, because she is doing great in school and really does have so much fun there and at daycare, but somehow the prospect of going in the morning bothers her.  I think I need to see a child psychologist so I can understand her!

Its been an odd week with some significant happenings:
  • Maya Angelou passed away
  • Knowlton Nash died
  • The search for the missing Malaysian aircraft ended
  • 5 girls/women in the Toronto area mysteriously went missing
Maya Angelou was such an incredible woman, and I love her quote above.  As I near my 40th birthday, I have never identified with it more.  I feel so grateful to do work that is so meaningful to me.  I absolutely love being a counsellor and feel blessed to work with all of my clients.  To me there is no greater opportunity than the opportunity to help others.  It makes me feel good about who I am and what I do.  I may never make tons of money, but I am making a difference and that gives me the confidence and sense of purpose I need to feel fulfilled.

I can't say I always love myself, but I think I'm getting closer to that point.  If there is one thing age gives you, its some perspective and wisdom!  One thing I have learned is perfection is an illusion and there are very few things in this world that are black and white.  Almost everything has many, many shades of grey.

Speaking of events this week, something spooky happen to me.  On Tuesday, while sitting at my desk and a book shelf mounted on the wall above my desk spontaneously - and without any warning or previous signs of weakness, fell down, coming completely out of the wall, taking the shelf below it with it and throwing books and other stuff on to the floor.  I was surprised to say the least!  The wackiest thing is that both shelves landed on a stained glass lamp my good friend Ray made for Adam and I as a wedding gift.  Thankfully it survived totally intact!

Now we have a big mess in our bedroom but our handyman can't come for a few weeks and I am not even going to attempt to put the shelves back up myself.

Again, I am so glad its Friday!

This weekend Big A has a Saturday playdate, and Sunday is her final performances (2 of them!) at Randolph Academy.  My mother-in-law and I are attending the afternoon show and Adam and my father-in-law are going to the evening one.  Little A wasn't into going so we arranged it so that she didn't have to come with us.

I am very pleased because although Big A wasn't so thrilled with her classes at the beginning, she has now decided to continue in the dance stream.  I think dance (without the singing part) will be more in line with her, um, natural talents.  She also wants to do gymnastics again, join Brownies, and keep going with swimming.  Little A also wants to do Brownies (Sparks actually for her age group) and gymnastics, on top of swimming.  How we'll fit this all in next year I have no idea!  The one thing I hate about living in a big city like Toronto, that is now plagued with a transit crisis, is the logistics of getting anywhere is a big gong-show.  Its total gridlock most of the time.  I think that's the only thing I miss about growing up in a small town, is how easy it is to get around!

Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. It really has been a crazy week. So and weird about your bookshelf!!