Monday, October 27, 2014

Slumber Party

Good morning! Or is it?  Chances are, if you didn't get a good night's sleep, it isn't such a good one  for you.

I know I spend a whole lot of time talking about the importance of exercise and nutrition, but I truly believe that adequate sleep is just as critical to our health.  If you are not getting enough sleep it compromises your cognitive abilities, increases the chances you will be in a driving accident, negatively affects your mood, increases stress and decreases your coping abilities, impairs your body's metabolism, drives hunger, and increases your risk of developing obesity, and the list goes on.
Tough love guide to getting sleep. #SleepEasy
All last week while Adam was away, I didn't sleep too well.  I was having nutty dreams, as always, but was just not getting the deep restorative sleep I need.  Even this weekend, my sleep wasn't ideal and I totally felt it.  By yesterday I felt ruined.  Last night though, despite some really wacky dreams, I had a great sleep and I am now back to my old self, thank goodness.

The past few days Little A has been a little nightmare.  Absolutely impossible.  Grumpy and difficult.  Emotional and out of control.  Adam and I were trying to figure out just what was eating her.  Well, last night we discovered the answer.  For the past few evenings, after we put the girls to bed, Little A has been getting back up and going into Big A's room to play.  Big A is allowed to stay up and play or read quietly in her room, but little did we know that Little A had been staying up with her.  Ah ha!

Last night we put an end to this and made sure Little A stayed in her bed and went to sleep.  So guess what?  She woke up this morning in a delightful mood!  We haven't had such a smooth Monday in a long time.  Normally she kicks up a huge fit about having to go to school.  This morning she was happy and playful and there was so sulking, whining or complaining. 

I am telling you, sleep can be absolutely transformational.  I see this with my clients too.  Often they are not getting enough sleep, often due to anxiety, and/or not practicing proper sleep hygiene and spending too much time in the evening on their devices or in front of the television. Once I get them giving sleep a greater priority, that alone can help them with stress, anxiety and boosts their resilience and coping abilities. 

So please, don't short change yourself, make sleep a priority and I promise you will benefit in many ways!

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