Friday, October 31, 2014


Thank goodness it is Halloween because Little A has been asking when it will finally arrive since September.

This year Big A is going as...I am so not kidding...a hotdog!  I have to admit the costume, which I absolutely did not make myself, is pretty awesome.  Little A is Rapunzel.  Sigh.  Hopefully she'll outgrow the this whole princess thing.  She did originally want to be a bat, but I was having trouble finding a bat costume that she found acceptable in her size.  So then she spied this Rapunzel one and the rest is history.

They are having dinner with some neighbourhood friends and then trick-or-treating with them, so that will be extra fun.  This leaves me to give out candy.  I guess I am a whole Halloween Scrooge or something, but I've started to hate it.  The doorbell ringing every few minutes.  Bratty teenagers too old to be out, demanding candy and leaving with nary a smile let alone a thank you.  Sorry, not much fun in my book.  Fortunately, when the girls get home, they will take over as they love handing out candy.  Until then, I might just leave the candy bowl on the front porch and let folks help themselves.  Goodness, I really am a grumpy old fart, aren't I?

Here's hoping you have a not too scary Halloween and a happy, healthy weekend.  Remember, if the treats are a temptation...get them out of your house!!

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