Friday, October 10, 2014

Live Life to the Fullest and Gobble it Up!

Hello!  It is Friday.  Before a long weekend.  The weather is beautiful!  Life is good.

I am both excited and nervous for the weekend.  I am driving with the kids to Kingston alone!  This will be only the second time I've done this drive alone and the first time with the girls in the car with me.  Gulp!

Adam needs some time to catch up on work but the girls are dying to visit my parents and see their new condo (and check out the indoor pool!).  Funny thing though, I used to adore traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but seem to have lost my taste for it.  I told my mom not to bother doing the whole turkey thing, so we're going out to this cute gourmet pizza restaurant instead.  Besides, the girls will prefer it to turkey, etc.

So even though I'm really scared for this trip, I am glad I am doing it.  I actually like challenging myself.  It always pays off in the end.  Even though its a cheesy tag line...often found on Lululemon bags...I really do think everyone should, "Do one thing that scares you every day."  As I always tell my clients, its not taking risks we usually regret, its missed opportunities.

By the way, I tried to donate blood again yesterday because Canadian Blood Services is in dire need, but my blood pressure was once again below the cut off.  It has to be at least 90/50 and mine was 91/49.  I asked the nurse if she couldn't just move the 1 from the 91 and add it to the 49, but apparently its against the rules.  Sigh!  So maybe, if giving blood is something you're scared of, you can give it a shot this weekend.  What do you say?

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Canadians!

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