Friday, October 17, 2014

Glass Half Full, Toronto Runeth Over

toronto flood

Good morning and happy Friday!

Wow, if I look at the glass half empty, I will tell you we had a crazy-ass, massive thunderstorm last night.  I got caught in it on my bike on the way home from work and (waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!) I think my new (and favorite) leather boots were completely destroyed.  It was the heaviest rain I have ever been in on my bike ever.  By the time I got to our street, there was flooding everywhere.  The water at one point was up to my knees.  I think my bike is probably in rough shape too.

The glass half full perspective would be at least I didn't get hit my lightening.  Really!  There was a whole lot of it and I was kind of getting worried.  Riding your bike is not what you want to be doing in a Thunderstorm.

Well, hopefully my boots and bike survive but if they don't, I will try to be positive and focus on the fact that they're just things and I made it home unscathed.  It truly was quite a storm!

Fortunately, the weather this weekend is supposed to be okay.  We have no set plans, just the usual stuff. I work tonight and tomorrow and the girls have gymnastics, swimming, and Hebrew school. I promised them we'd go pumpkin shopping for Halloween and they want to try and go to Snakes and Lattes again.  This time we'll be sure to sign up 2 hours ahead of time!

Have a happy, healthy, weekend!

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