Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You DON'T Always Get What You Pay For

I've been having coffee maker issues for the past few months.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my Kitchen Aid, which I got last spring blows.
Item image
The glass carafe was difficult to clean by hand so I pulled the top off the first week I had it, to put it in the dishwasher, only to learn the top doesn't come off.  I'd broken it.  So I called the company and ordered the stainless steel carafe.  Ironically, this one seemed to suck out the heat from the coffee instead of keeping it hot.  It was also difficult to clean because of it's design.  The machine takes a long time to brew, and you have to put a ton of coffee in to get a strong, rich tasting beverage.  Neither the glass, nor stainless steel carafes pour without spilling...a lot, and I could never get the damn programmer working so that the machine would start by itself in the morning.  All that and I paid $100 for this piece of crap.

I bought it because my beloved President's Choice coffeemaker kicked the bucket.

I'd had it for 5 years, which is good for a coffeemaker, since my mom got it for me right after we moved into our house and I had Big A.  She didn't like the one I'd brought with us from our student apartment and bought it on a whim while she was at Loblaws picking up groceries for us in the first few days we got home from the hospital after Big A's birth.  It was inexpensive and none of us expected it to be anything special, but it was a great coffeemaker.  When it died, I looked for a new one, but couldn't find it at any of the Loblaws stores near us, so Adam said to just go ahead and invest in a more expensive one that would last.  Ha!  The Kitchen Aid failed the grade!!

I've been grumbling about coffeemakers ever since so Adam promised me a new one for my birthday this year.  I was kind of at a loss in terms of what to buy though, because every time I thought I'd found one that would be a good choice, someone would tell me it sucked. I also have no interest in the ones that use pods or in an espresso machine.  I just want a good drip coffee machine!

Then I happened to drop in to the Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws last week, and discovered they sell President's Choice coffeemakers.  What's more, mine was on sale for $30!!  I snatched it up immediately.  Ahh, I am now back in coffee nirvana.  The machine brews coffee super fast and hot. The programmer works perfectly, and you can use much less coffee, and still get a strong, rich beverage.

To make the whole thing even sweeter, since I got such a bargain on a new coffeemaker, Adam told me to go ahead and by a TRX Rip Trainer for my birthday! 
 TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit
I can't wait to add this baby into my workout routine.