Thursday, September 27, 2012

My New Favorite Brand: One Degree Organics

Recently I discovered a new line of products at Fiesta Farms : One Degree Organic Foods!

I purchased their organic sprouted spelt flour and I have been absolutely thrilled with the results. 


Every recipe I've used it in so far, has baked up absolutely light and scrumptious.  They also have regular spelt flour, regular whole wheat, and sprouted whole wheat.  The company also manufactures breads, seeds and legumes.

What's cool about their products is that each bag has a code on the front which you can scan to find out on what farm the item was grown.  Their website lists their farmers, which are mostly in Western Canada, and the U.S.

I've started to find their products at Herbs and Nutrition, my favorite local health food store in Toronto, and their website allows you to search for retailers across North America. 

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