Monday, September 3, 2012

Scosche Action Wraps II Ear Buds

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At the Can Fit Pro conference this year, representatives from Scosche were giving out their new ear buds for people to try.  Free ear buds?  Yes please!  Not for me though.  I rarely listen to music while I work out, however Adam always does, so I thought he could review this new product for me. These ear buds are designed to be worn while exercising and retail for about $30.

The company describes them as follows:

Enjoy your music while you workout with these sport style earbuds. actionWRAPS II fit securely over your ear and wrap around the back of your head to ensure that they won't fall off during physical activity.

Active Use
Antimicrobial earbud jackets protect the actionWRAPS II from sweat and other moisture. The 3.5.ft audio cable has been designed to be non-tangling. The reinforced strain relief cable ensures that the actionWRAPS II are durable and can withstand normal tension that occurs during workouts.

Works with: Smartphones, Android Devices, BlackBerry, iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3 Players, Tablet Devices and more.

After using them with his ipod during his workouts for the past few weeks, this is what he had to say:

  • Sound is just as good if not better than iPod buds;
  • You notice them for the first few minutes, however, after that, you forget they’re there for a good hour. If you’re working out for much longer than that, you will feel them again, but it’s not a real problem. They’re also flexible enough that you can wear them with sunglasses and/or a hat without any difficulty;
  • They look very fragile, but they are actually pretty durable (although I wouldn’t shove them at the bottom of a gym bag);
  • The buds definitely do absorb sweat better than the iPod buds do;
  • Bottom line: I’d pay the same amount as I would for iPod buds, or maybe a bit more for these (assuming that they last – I’ve only had them for a few weeks). One drawback: the buds did not come with replacements.
So these headphones may be a worthwhile investment for you if you are looking for ones that are sweatproof, comfortable, and will stay put while exercising.

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