Friday, December 2, 2011

In Sickness and In Health

If you are eating, or have just eaten, you may not want to read this post!

It's been a crazy week with both good and not so good events.

Sunday I had the first emergency I have ever had in my almost 20 years of teaching fitness in my spinning class! Just after we finished, a man became unresponsive and collapsed. It was super scary, but he is fortunately just fine. Nevertheless, we called EMS to come check him out.

Little A has been grumpy, which we attributed to her ear infection from last week and/or being 2. But she proved us wrong when she woke up in the middle of last night barfing her guts up. Poor thing! And Adam, who did ALL of the work caring for her (for some reason she only wants daddy during the night!), has a bad cold and is now on really shaky legs. I am just dead-tired and I can't think straight.

I'm also clearly an idiot. When Little A got up this morning, she wanted milk. I tried to sway her towards juice or water, but she was adament. She guzzled 2 sippy cups, plus some juice and we took Big A to school.

We got home and...yup, all that milk came up...on our leather couch. So I changed her clothes, cleaned the couch and...she asked for more milk...and I gave it to her...and it all came back up...this time on the OTHER leather couch. I changed her clothes and finally banned the milk drinking.

I'm going to blame my stupidity on my lack of sleep.

In better news, this week there have been a lot of positive looking developments in my career prospects. Hopefully at least one of them will materialize into something concrete, but I am feeling really positive.

Gotta go now and cuddle with Little A while she watches Dora (and drinks ginger ale!!).

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