Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chocolate Toffee Treats for Dummies

People seem to either love or hate baking. If you fall into the latter category, you will appreciate these no-bake treats I whipped up for our New Year's Day party this year.

I've called them "treats" because you can use just about anything for the base (biscuits, cookies, pretzels, potato chips, etc.). I originally was looking for whole grain pretzels, but they don't seem to exist anywhere I looked around Toronto (I used to find kamut ones on occasion), so I used some whole wheat Italian biscotti I found at Fiesta Farms instead. No matter, I'm also making figs dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt for the party, so guests will still be able to satisfy their sweet/salty cravings.

These are so good! They are also super easy (no baking required!) and make a perfect hostess gift or treat to serve to guests. I promise you will wow everyone.

My only problem is I have to keep Adam and the girls away from them until the party! Thank goodness we will be in Florida for some of the time between now and then.

Chocolate Toffee Treats for Dummies

Sweet or salty base of choice (Gingerbread, shortbread, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, sandwich cookies, biscotti, macaroons, meringues, pretzels, crackers, potato chips, etc.). I used a 750g bag of plain, whole-wheat Italian biscotti.

2.5 cups chocolate chips (I used 1 cup dark + 1.5 cups semi-sweet)
2 tbls coconut oil

1 cup toffee bits

Optional variations for sprinkling/decorating: Crushed almonds, crushed candy canes, coloured sprinkles, melted white chocolate drizzle, etc.

Melt chocolate and coconut oil slowly in a heat-safe bowl set over simmering heat. When melted, remove from heat and stir until smooth. Dunk cookies or other base into chocolate and use two forks to scoop the coated items out. Place chocolate coated items on baking sheets covered with wax paper. Sprinkle each with toffee bits and/or other toppings. Refridgerate until chocolate has set. Store in an air-tight container.

This is likely my last post for a few days, so happy holidays to all!

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