Friday, December 30, 2011

Florida 2011

We're home!

Although we had fun, I can't honestly say it was a restful trip.

Right on cue Little A got sick. Again.

She woke up the day before we left for Florida with "A bad cold mommy". Her poor little body was overwhelmed by a heavy, wet cough. Our first night there, sleeping in a big girl bed, sans guard rails for the first time, was a disaster. Her cough and some close calls rolling off the bed kept her up, so she kept us up. She ended up in our bed and I ended up in hers, in the room she shared with Big A. Although we all finally fell asleep in the early morning hours, Big A woke up at 5:40am, bright-eyed and bushy tailed to start the day.

Night two we got a crib from the resort for Little A but her cough kept her up again. Adam ended up sleeping in the room with her. Fortunately, Big A was sleeping in my in-laws condo that night.

On the third night, Little A asked to go to sleep at 6:30pm and slept 13 hours straight. Unfortunately, I had a crappy sleep because by then I had her cold.

On the fourth night, Little A's socks kept falling off (she has to have her feet covered when she goes to bed) and she woke us up about 4 times to help her put them back on. Poor Adam got up each time to do so and walked into a wall in the dark on one of these occasions, giving himself a bump on the head.

Little A also seems to enjoy flying as much as I do: about as much as getting teeth drilled. She was in full melt-down mode for much of both flights.

Luckily, Big A wonderful. She took care of all her little cousins and was happy just to swim all day. Which she did. Regardless of the temperature of the air or the pools. Adam, trooper dad that he is, got into the pools with her. Regardless of the temperature of the air or the pools. I think he is still defrosting.

Even Little A had a fabulous time during the days. She has become a great little swimmer, and she had so much fun playing with her cousins.

I'm still recovering from the cold Little A gave me (I feel like someone stuck cement plugs in my nostrils). I just hope I'm better by Sunday, for our New Year's Day party or I'll be the hostess with the mostess mucus.

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