Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

As I had feared, Little A refused to put on her Halloween costume last night. Any mention of it and she would run the other way yelling, "Noooooooooo!" Big A looked terrific as a Fire Fighter and we basically had another great weekend with her. She was relatively cooperative and I was very impressed last night when she told us she would have one treat (a lollipop) and she didn't even ask for any more. On Saturday when we were at our friends' place for dinner and she was having a blast playing with their daughter, she didn't even have a tantrum when we said it was time to go home (she resisted a bit, but nothing too serious).

Anyways, back to Halloween. We decided to feed the girls an early dinner before Trick-or-Treating. Big A had a nice healthy dinner of roasted pumpkin seeds we made, a big salad of shredded cabbage with "pink" dressing (i.e. Thousand Island dressing)and some mango chunks. Little A became hysterical when we put her in her high chair and refused to eat a thing. Adam and I realized that she is teething again and was feeling miserable (she was chewing on her fingers and really only ever gets like that when she is uncomfortable). Great, more teeth that are going to rot away from lack of brushing! Adam gave her a bath and put her in PJs and had given up on the idea of taking her out, however, I insisted because I suspected that it might cheer her up. So we put aside her puppy costume and simply put her winter coat and shoes over her PJs and I headed out with the girls while Adam stayed home to give out candy.

I explained to everyone that she was dressed up as, "a stubborn toddler who refuses to wear her costume." It only took a few minutes for Little A to figure out what was happening and she was delighted. When one of our neighbours handed her a peanut butter cup, she started yelling "tweet, tweet (treat treat)!" After I unwrapped it for her, she just started licking it and it lasted her until we got home at which point she squished the rest into a ball and we threw it out. Oh well, she enjoyed it in her own way! Between the two of them, the girls got a bounty of candy. Ugh! Fortunately, neither remember what they got, so I banished it all to the storage room to join all the other candy from Halloweens past that are getting stale. The really junky stuff (cheesies, etc.) we put back in our candy bowl and gave back out.

Boy, I can't believe how much Halloween has changed since I was a kid though. I don't think I saw a single home-made costume. Every kid was wearing a store-bought one. In my day, we just rummaged through our parents closets or our own. Also, kids are more haughty I think. We stopped going out by the time we were 13 or 14, but now you can sometimes see 16-17 year olds ringing door bells well after their younger counterparts are in bed, holding open backpacks (yes, I was getting backpacks last night!). I also had two boys, probably not older than 8 or 9, yell, "more, more" at me after I dropped 2 pieces of candy in each of their bags. I was appalled and told them I had given them enough. Like WTF?

Today, the day after Halloween, I take Big A back to the dentist to have her cavities dealt with. I've now spoken to a bunch of my friends who have admitted their kids of the same age have some cavities so I'm not feeling like quite as neglectful a mother. Still, I wonder what I can do to improve the situation. Change her diet? Have her use a fluoride rinse? Get sealants put on her teeth? I suppose I'll ask the dentist.


  1. We had some sad homemade costumes here... My girls will cringe when they are older.

    My daughter has had a cavity already. Turns out the enamel doesn't always cover the teeth and it is sometimes inevitable.

  2. Yes, it seems cavities may be an inevitability. The dentist said hers were likely due to high juice consumption. Huh? I told him we never drink juice in our house. So he said it must be genetics...