Monday, November 8, 2010

Headaches and Digit Disasters

After last Wednesday's sinus headache from hell, I made an appointment with my doctor. Taking handfuls of Advil and Tylenol is a bad idea AND it does nothing to lessen the pain. Time to get help. She took one look in my nose and said she could see a lot of swelling in my nasal passages. She gave me more steroid nasal spray, which I'd run out of, and a prescription for Naproxen. I woke up today feeling great but now I feel another one coming on so it may be time to see if these babies work. I don't like the fact that I'm a walking pharmacy right now (Claritin, Nasonex, Naproxen, etc.) but I'll do anything to get relief.

On Saturday, I stupidly slammed the car door on my pinky finger. The bad news is, it was my left hand, and I'm left handed, the worse news is that I think it might be broken. As stubborn as I am though, I haven't gotten it looked at. No way I'm waiting hours at the ER and what will they do anyways, splint it? But after icing it last night for a while, it feels better today and I have more range of motion in the knuckle maybe it isn't broken? I am going to have my physiotherapist look at it today and tell me what she thinks. Perhaps I'll call my doctor again this afternoon. Stupid finger!

Big A had another huge tantrum on Thursday night. Adam was still away for work so it was just me and the girls again that evening. It all started on the way home from picking her up at school when I gave her dinner options she didn't like. She screamed all the way home and then continued for an hour. At one point she grabbed my face and pinched me HARD. After mostly ignoring her screaming up to that moment, I lost it and picked her up, carried her upstairs and threw her in her bedroom, telling her she better not come out until I got her. I think she realized she crossed the line at that point and she started to calm down. Eventually I got her to apologize. One of the punishments I doled out for this behaviour was no treats whatsoever for the whole weekend. This actually turned out to be a good idea because she was extremely upset, and the parenting consultants emphasized that punishments need to mean something to her. While I've threatened this punishment many times in the past, we've never fully carried it out because we seem to always end up in circumstances where treats get offered to her and we cave in. This time, as per the parenting consultants, I was determined to follow-through. So I called my mother-in-law, who was having the girls for dinner Friday night. I warned her that under no circumstances was Big A allowed any dessert (not one cookie or piece of cake). Although this led to a huge meltdown Friday evening, Big A got no dessert. Nor did she get a single treat Saturday or Sunday, even when she and I made chocolate cereal squares. I wouldn't even let her steal a single marshmellow. Luckily, by then she had accepted her fate. The weekends are usually when our nutrition plans fall by the wayside anyhow (she always goes to her grandmother's or great-grandmother's for Friday dinner and gets treats that never see the light of day in this house), so I was thrilled to see her forced to forgo the junk food for a few days.

Little A, our picky little eater, has actually grown into quite a good eater. In fact, she will eat a lot of grownup food that Big A won't go near. This weekend she surprised us by gobbling down some of the spicy sesame noodles I made (and they're quite spicy!) and she shared a Perrier with me (Big A hates "bubble" water). At the grocery store yesterday, Big A insisted I buy them some cucumber rolls from the sushi counter. Then she proceded to tell me she doesn't like seaweed and just wanted to eat the cucumber and a bit of the rice. Thankfully, Little A was more than happy to devour the entire rolls, as well as the leftover scraps from Big A. She also ate the whole pile of accompanying pickled ginger in one bite and would have drank the packet of soy sauce if I'd opened it for her (I confiscated the large ball of wasabi because I thought the heat bomb from that, while short-lived, might be a bit much). Perhaps if there is 3-1 in favour of my cooking, Big A will eventually come around to eating the spicy, ethnic dishes I usually make.

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