Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thank Goodness for Small Victories

The weather is beautiful and I am feeling better about life thanks to a few little developments. On the career front, I have an important meeting on Friday that could get me moving along in my desired direction. J.S., is a well-known therapist in Toronto who works in the miscarriage/infertility field at Women's College Hospital. I didn't contact her before because I was busy getting things moving (or so I thought) at Mount Sinai and have been trying to arrange my placement with S.D., the therapist who is teaching my miscarriage/infertility counselling course. But no one so far is coming through for me so I've got to keep my options open. I emailed J.S. last week and told her I was looking for volunteer counselling opportunities and a practicum placement. She emailed me back yesterday and was VERY enthusiastic. I can't wait to meet her on Friday and see where this goes!

Also, Little A will now open her mouth for the tooth brush in exchange for an Elmo sticker. She doesn't really let me do a thorough job, but this is still a huge improvement from before. Maybe her teeth won't all rot out before her 2nd birthday after all!

Adam is away again for work this week. Sigh! But then he has no more trips until after the Christmas holidays...I think. Fortunately, although the weather report is calling for rain, it is a beautiful day. I woke up with pressure in behind my eyes which usually means a killer sinus headache is coming on, but I have been okay so far today. Thursday I see my doctor again at which point I will ask for a new prescription since the Naproxen is useless. My butt/hamstring has been feeling better since physio last week and my physiotherapist confirmed yesterday that my alignment and muscle tension seems better.

If I can just make it to the weekend on my own, there is lots to look forward to. My parents are visiting and it is my nephew's first birthday. We're having a party for him at my brother's on Saturday.

A big victory for me is looking at where I am now relative to a year ago (when Eli was born). I was overwhelmed with postpartum anxiety and depression and desperately counting down the days of my mat leave. It's good to remind myself of this whenever I'm feeling mopey. Both girls are now in full-time care during the day so I am free to pursue my own interests. Then again, I guess that's why I get so down and frustrated when I don't feel like I'm accomplishing as much as I should. Glass full, glass empty.

I'll take some small victories...

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