Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Friday

I had two meetings today that made me very happy. First I met with Big A's kindergarten teacher for our first parent-teacher meeting. She is doing fine with her numbers and learning to read and write, but what the teacher spoke at length about was her empathy. She said Big A has a knack of finding the children in the class that need help/companionship/guidance and then she takes care of them. She emphasized what a good person she is and also mentioned that she is very independent. She said that she plays by herself a lot because she is very specific about what activities she likes to do. So unless any other kids want to play her games - and apparently she is always happy to let them join - she just does her own thing. She won't do something she doesn't really want to do just because the other kids are doing it. Wow, empathetic and independent. I'm definitely not a perfect mom, but we must be doing something right. I am so proud of her!

Later today I met with the miscarriage/infertility counsellor at Women's College Hospital. All I can say is, I LOVE THIS WOMAN! We connected on a cultural (she's originally a New York Jew just like my folks!), professional (both particularly interested in helping women who have experienced early term miscarriage and feel this is a population that is particularly neglected), and personally (she is an interesting and lovely person and was a pleasure to talk to). The best part is...I've got it! What's it, you ask? Well, basically she is giving me whatever opportunity I want. One-on-one patient contact ASAP (or as soon as I feel ready to start), developing a miscarriage support group, AND a practicum placement for my program at school. I am jumping up and down right now!!!

Adam made it home in one piece today so my single-parenthood is over for now. My parents arrive tomorrow and we have a lovely weekend planned. The only way today could have been better is if I hadn't woken up with a wrenched shoulder (how did I do that in my sleep??) and a headache. The doctor gave me Tylenol 3s yesterday and said I could combine them with the Naproxen (I'm taking way too many meds now!), but I was afraid to try that so I have been taking Tylenol 1s I have from the pharmacy with the Naproxen and that seems to be helping my head. At least my pelvis/hamstring has been feeling better this week. Happy Friday ya'll!

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