Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quality Time

I am so tired. I don't know how single parents survive. They must be superhuman. I am counting the SECONDS until Adam gets home tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don't actually know when that will be since they cancelled his flight from Victoria to Calgary today and if he doesn't make it to Saskatoon in time for his flight booked for tomorrow, he may not get back to Toronto.

The first night alone this week Big A had a HUGE tantrum. It took over an hour for her to get it out of her system but she finally did. Then Little A got crabby and was screaming at the drop of a hat.

This morning Big A got up right after I got on the stairmaster for my workout. I ended up having NO "me" time at all. The good news is she was in a great mood and relatively cooperative. The bad news is she talked a mile a minute all morning and wanted my full attention the whole time. I had had a bad sleep (I can never sleep well when Adam is away) so I was exhausted and grumpy. I tried to remind myself that she was behaving and that I should at least be grateful for that.

The Elmo sticker trick was a one shot deal in terms of getting Little A to brush her teeth. She hasn't been consistently cooperative with the daycare teachers on that front either. However, when they were doing painting using toothbrushes today, Little A was more than happy to paint the entire inside of her mouth.

Tonight Big A is at my in-laws for a sleep-over. It feels like a semi holiday just to have one child. I haven't been able to give Little A much attention lately. At bedtime, I have been plopping her into her crib with no story and just shutting the door to her cries so I can attend to Big A. So tonight we hung out just the two of us. It was going great (aside from when she dumped her bowl of grapes onto the kitchen floor and danced on them) until bath time. She now insists on making pee pee on the toilet. Great news except she just wants to sit on the toilet all the time now even if she doesn't have to go. She made a pee pee before dinner but she didn't have anything come out before bath. Nevertheless, she refused to get off. After 20 minutes I plucked her from the toilet and put her in the tub. She had a mega mega meltdown. When she finally calmed down I put her in her crib and at least got to read her a story.

She hasn't pooped in 4 days which is a record for her (normally she goes at least once a day). Maybe she's saving it all up for Adam when he comes home. Hee hee!

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