Monday, November 4, 2013

Fudgy Sweet Potato Brownies

Good Monday morning!  How was your weekend?  Ours was fun.  Costco.  Loblaws.  Swim lessons.  Baking.  Hebrew School.  A birthday party.  Playdates.  And now we're back to Monday again.

Because I love my work, I don't dread Mondays, but boy do I dislike certain things about weekdays.  I hate making the girls' lunches.  It's just another thing to get done every day.  What's even more annoying is how much food comes back uneaten, even if it's food they requested.  This is particularly true of Big A.  I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised by Little A, I thought the whole lunch thing would be even tougher with her, but actually, it's Big A who is more of a challenge.  Little A generally eats most of her food, and if she doesn't finish, she eats the healthy stuff first and leaves her treat over (often eating it when I come to pick her up at the end of the day or even saving it for the next day).  She also doesn't constantly nag me to put crap in her lunch box like Big A does.  If Big A asks one more time for one of those revolting Lunchables thingies, I'll lose it!   She claims there is a kid at school who gets one every day. Not to be judgemental, but OY!  I tried to explain to her that that may be fine for him, but we do not eat that type of thing in our house.  Is there even actual food in those?

Big A is also more prone to losing her reusable containers and making messes...which is particularly surprising since Little A is known as our little Pig Pen.    Big A will do things like eat a container of yogurt, which I pack in a resealable container, and then not bother to put the lid back on it, and when I open the lunch bag, yogurt is smeared everywhere and, frankly, it makes me want to throw up.

Nevertheless, I have kept up my promise of baking some sort of healthy treat for them to take (if Big A leaves over her food in lieu of eating the treat, as she often does, she doesn't get a treat the next day) every day.

These brownies are the latest experiment and they turned out great: Sweet, moist and super fudgy.  In fact, the girls love them so much, both of them have been nagging me to give them more (I limit them to 2 per day).  But the best part is Big A is motivated to eat the other parts of her lunch to ensure she'll get more of these chocolately treats the next day.  Yahoo!

I am not kidding when I say the first thing I would do if I won the lottery is hire a housekeeper to make lunches and do all the other domestic stuff I hate.  Then I'd hire my own personal massage therapist/yoga instructor who would be on call 24/7.

Fudgy Sweet Potato Brownies

1 large sweet potato, roasted and peeled (about 2 cups)
2 flax eggs (2 tbls flax + 6 tbls hot water
1/2 cup stevia baking blend, xylitol, erythritol or coconut sugar
1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup whole grain spelt or kamut flour (or a gluten-free blend)
1/2 cup cocoa powder
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup chocolate chip (sugar-free if possible)

Whisk together sweet potato, flax eggs, sweetener, oil and vanilla.  Add remaining ingredients and stir just until combined (batter will be very thick).  Scrape into greased 9x9 square pan.  Bake at 350F for about 18 minutes.  Let cool completely.  Cut into squares.  Makes 25 brownies.  Keep refrigerated or freeze.

This recipe has been shared with Diet, Dessert & Dogs' Wellness Weekend.

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