Friday, November 22, 2013

And the Countdown is On...

Its been another nutty week.  Adam was away in Tampa at a conference for a few days, work was busy, I had to shuttle the girls to their various activities, and I've also been trying to make sure that everything is going smoothly in preparation for the daycare fundraiser I am organizing next Tuesday.  This week we started selling tickets and thankfully, they've been selling really well.  This thing might be a success after all!

Things are not going as smoothly at home.  The girls won't stop fighting with each other.  It's constant.  They can't even look at each other without starting to bicker.  We've tried all the things the experts suggest and nothing seems to work.

One of the things we are auctioning off at the fundraiser next week is a $250 gift certificate for the services of parenting expert, Nanny Robina...I am thinking that I have to win that thing and get help with these kids!!

So there isn't going to be much relaxation this weekend.  I have to work Saturday, and Sunday a few other moms are coming over to help me get some of the baskets ready for our silent auction for the fundraiser.  I've also taken Monday and Tuesday off of work to make sure I have time to handle any last minute emergencies that come up.  Since I'm self-employed, this basically means giving up my personal income for 2 days.   Oh man, I can't tell you how relieved I will be when the whole thing is over!  I like feeling like I'm helping a good cause and making a difference, but this has been a bit too overwhelming.

Have a happy, healthy weekend!

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