Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Herbal Stress Relief: Sainthood Herbs Product Review

SOLUTION: Stress & Sleep

I may be passionate about living healthfully, however, I tend to be a skeptic about herbal remedies.  Not because I think none of them work...although few have for me, but because there is much less scientific research on these products so we know less about appropriate dosages, absorption, etc.  In addition, many of these products are not regulated so what you see on the label may not be exactly what you are getting in the bottle.

So it was with much doubt that I agreed to try out Sainthood Herbs' Stress & Sleep formulation.  After all, as a woman who has struggled with anxiety and insomnia forever, I have tried a multitude of herbal and alternative therapies and found absolutely none did anything for me at all.  But I had nothing to lose.

The supplement is made up of Lemon Balm, and a 'proprietary blend' of Chinese Mint, Silk Tree, and Jujube.  The bottle recommends consulting at doctor before taking if you are on any meds and since I am, I decided to chat with one of the naturopaths I work with.  In particular, I wondered if it would interact with my thyroid pills.  She looked at it and deemed it safe and the ingredients generally effective for anxiety and insomnia.  Okay, cool.

Still, I didn't expect these pills to work.

They did.

I've been feeling particularly stressed the last few weeks because of work, the new school year beginning (meaning mornings are even more rushed), and having to start organizing the girls' daycare's fundraiser in November.  While I've been sleeping, my quality of sleep has sucked.  My wild, crazy dreams are more vivid than usual and I wake up feeling like I've run a marathon rather than slept.

What I've found is that when I take these pills, I sleep much more soundly and feel awesome the next day.  Holy cow!

Could it be placebo effect?  Sure.  No way to know since this is not a controlled study.  But even if it is, its helping me, so who cares?

The only problem?  These babies are expensive: $28.95 for 90 capsules (you are supposed to take 3 at a time).  So now I'm annoyed because I want to buy some.  See that's the one good thing about prescription drugs.  Assuming you have a drug plan, at least some of the cost is covered.  I wonder if one day products like this will get covered.  I guess it's possible seeing as some people get coverage for acupuncture now.

Sainthood Herbs also has formulations for weight maintenance, menopause, blood sugar control and other issues and can be bought online.