Friday, October 4, 2013

And the Axis Shifts Again

The dynamics in this household have changed dramatically over the past month.  Little A has transformed back into the delightful, joyful child we used to see more of before she turned 2.  The frequent shrieking fits we've been dealing with in response to absolutely everything for the last 2 years have significantly declined.  I am so enjoying this adorable child again!  She is so gleeful and fun to be with again. I can't tell you how happy this makes me as she goes through the final vestiges of being a baby-ness.  She is still so cute and squishy.  The way she talks, giggles and laughs is so sweet...I just want to gobble her up.  It is such a pleasure and I can't stop hugging and kissing her.

Why the change?  I really can't say.  Perhaps starting school has made her feel more grown up.  Or, perhaps she just happened to go through a major developmental phase at the same time.  I just know that I want to take advantage of every minute of it.

And then there is Big A.  Accompanying Little A's shift in demeanor has been some behavioural changes with her big sister.  Big A is often being really mean to her for no reason.  I suspect she is feeling jealous because Little A is not getting in trouble much anymore.  Up to this point, Little A was getting sent to her room to calm down from her tantrums on a daily basis.  Now there hardly are any tantrums.  So I have had to really put my foot down about their fighting and squabbling.  I just hope Big A can adjust to the new situation and stop trying to strike up conflict.

I am so glad it's Friday, although this will hardly be a relaxing weekend.  Tonight and tomorrow morning I have to work.  Big A has a birthday party tomorrow and then we have friends coming for dinner.  Sunday Big A has a playdate and Adam had his book club.  Oh, and it is supposed to pour all weekend.  Lovely.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for where we are right now.  Overall, things are great and I have so much to be thankful for.  This is something I am reminded of every day when I work with my clients who are facing such tremendous loss and seemingly insurmountable challenges.  As my counselling experience increases, I am more and more certain that the most important thing in life is our connections with others.  A sense of belonging is key, whether it comes from family, friends or community.  So have a safe, healthy weekend and hold your loved ones close.

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  1. It just never stops with kids...their relationships and attitudes are constantly evolving!