Thursday, August 22, 2013

Turn On the (Canadian) Television!

Adam and I always use the summer as an opportunity to check out a few tv shows we missed during the year.  While our regular programs are on hiatus, we catch a couple of shows on rerun that have gotten good reviews.  This year most of them happen to be Canadian!

We've come a long way with television in this country since the Beachcombers days!!

A really good detective/crime series we are enjoying is Motive.  I love the central female character.  She is strong and smart.

Another good one is Saving Hope.  Originally the premise sounded dumb: A hospital drama with a surgeon who can see and talk to people's spirits.  But the supernatural stuff is often in the background of the stories and the whole thing has kind of grown on me.  It does, however, irritate me that it's yet another medical show with a whole hospital full of gorgeous people who play musical sex partners.  I'm more interested in the patient stories.

We are also enjoying Crossing Lines, which is not Canadian, but also really good.  It's about a law enforcement team working for the International Criminal Court in Europe.  It's kind of refreshing to see a crime show set in Europe instead of Canada or the U.S. for a change. Oh yeah, and it stars Donald Sutherland!

We're also watching Arctic Air, which we love, despite the fact that Adam and I both have hated Adam Beach in other stuff.  He works in this show.  But we discovered this program a few years ago.

And, of course, Rookie Blue, which is one of our faves.  Love my Canadian television I tell you!

Andy and Marlo on Rookie Blue

It probably sounds as if we watch a ton of tv, but the truth is, we record everything and then choose a program to watch after the girls are in bed so we really just watch an hour a day.

Even if you don't live in Canada, you can watch most of these programs if you are interested.  Most of the episodes are available online.