Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Reads

I have always been a voracious reader.  From the time I learned to read around age 4, I have loved getting lost in novels.  I remember as a kid spending hours just lying on my bed reading and reading.  People always ask when I find time to read now.  I make it a part of my bedtime routine.  Sometimes I read for an hour, sometimes just 5 minutes before I start falling asleep.  But I find it the perfect way to turn my brain off from life and relax.

I have read some pretty awesome books recently.  Here are a few of them.

My absolute favorite was The Imposter Bride:

Front Cover

I always tend to be drawn to stories involving the Holocaust, but this truly was a fantastic read.  Even better than her earlier novel Your Mouth is Lovely (which is also excellent!):

Front Cover

I also loved The Dress Lodger: 

 Front Cover

It's a very interesting, disturbing, engaging story about 19th century England during a cholera epidemic.

The Cat's Table was pretty good too and it had been a long while since I read anything by Michael Ondaatje:

Front Cover

This is How You Lose Her was my least favorite.  Parts of it I liked, but overall I just found it strange.

Front Cover

I am currently working on The Lemon Tree, which I am also really enjoying so far.

Front Cover

I am very old school: I read everything in hard copy.  I just can't get into reading books electronically.  By the same token, I still read both the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail in hard copy too.  I just don't find it the same to read newspapers and books online.  How about you?

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