Monday, August 26, 2013

Going Bananas for Blueberries (and other things we did this weekend)

It's Monday.  It's the start of a super busy week.  None of this would be bad (it's good to be busy when you are self-employed!), except it's going to be hot and humid all week.  And no, I can never complain about the weather enough thank you very much.

At least it was nice this weekend and we had lots of fun.

Since my parents arrived Thursday afternoon, I got the privilege of sneaking out to the JCC for a workout before anyone was awake on Friday morning.  I did the stepmill for the first time in years (I usually just strength train before my Sunday spin class) and then tried out this really cool bike called an Expresso.  The handlebars move and have adjustable gears like on a real bike and you choose a course to follow on the screen.  It's like an interactive video game.  It's a great idea for people who love such things but don't love exercise.  It distracts you from the fact that you're working out.
Upright Bike
 I've been dying to take my parents to the Evergreen Brick Works.  Unfortunately, on Saturday my mom thought she had a migraine coming on so she stayed home, but the rest of us went to check out their Blueberry Festival.  It was amazing!  Fresh blueberries of various varieties, of course, as well as sweet and savoury blueberry treats of all types including empanadas, boule loaves, scones, ice cream, cupcakes, pies, etc.

My dad loved the Brick Works and in the market, with all the fabulous foodie finds, it was like he'd died and gone to heaven.  The girls and their grandfather literally ate their way though it.  Then the  girls had fun playing in the Chimney Court.  When Big A got bored, she went for a hike with Adam on one of the trails while Little A did some arts and crafts.  It's such an amazing place!

Yesterday they had swimming and I taught spin.  In the afternoon, after my parents left, Adam's good friend from high school and his wife, who were visiting from Texas, came for a visit.

Then all too soon, the weekend ended and we're back to reality.  This week I've got 4 jam-packed work days and then we're taking the girls to the Ex on Friday.

Just keep your fingers crossed for me that it's cooled down by Friday or this will be one whiney mama!

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