Monday, August 12, 2013

Over the Rainbow


Hello!  It's Monday yet again.  And holy cow, we had another great weekend! 

But first things first...I'm all for self-acceptance and everything, however, I'm back to straightening my hair.  I couldn't take it anymore.  My hair is so darn curly, particularly in the heat and humidity, that it shrinks like 3 or so inches and I feel like a big frizz ball.

Despite frizz issues though, the past few days were a blast.  Saturday morning I had a few clients to see, but in the afternoon we had friends over for dinner and got take-out from Tabule.  Pretty yummy stuff, although our favorite place for Middle Eastern food is still Mashu Mashu.  The girls had so much fun playing with their kids, it was great, but a bit of a circus around here...and very loud.

Yesterday I taught my spin class while Adam took the girls to swimming, and then we took them to see the Wizard of Oz!  Last week they came home from daycare and started complaining that ALL their friends had seen it.  I had no idea it was something they'd even be interested in!  We were initially reluctant given how pricey it is and that we had our doubts they - particularly Little A - would like it, but Adam found a discount for tickets through Wag Jag.  We warned the girls that we were not going to be able to get great seats, but they said they didn't care, they really wanted to go.

The show is playing at the Mirvish Theatre, which I had never been to before.  The theatre was first opened in 1920 and still retains some of the beautiful original architecture.  I am not a huge fan of musicals, but it was actually pretty great and the girls loved it.  Little A did start getting whiney by intermission but buying the girls each a Haagen Daz ice cream bar fixed that.

I am really glad we took them, particularly because Big A continues to show growing interest in performing.  She's still taking voice lessons and although she no longer shatters glass, I don't think she has much of a future in singing.  But dance and/or acting are possibilities.  So we've signed her up for the Randolph Academy's Broadway Babes program.  I'm just amazed by her confidence.  As a kid I did not love getting up in front of an audience one bit.

Well that's all folks, I'm off to work, so have a fantastic start to your week.

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