Friday, August 16, 2013

Cats, Kids & Conferences

The girls and I finally discovered Mr. Wuzzles' true identity.  His/her name is actually Mittens and is indeed the neighbours' new cat (I don't yet know if Mittens is truly a Mr or actually a Ms).  Mittens didn't visit us for almost a week and I have to admit, I was pretty bummed.  But the past few days we've been getting lots of cat love.

We've also been in a really good place around here.  The girls have been fighting less and behaving more.  Unfortunately I'm pretty sure its an aberration of sorts.  Things will right themselves back to the usual chaos soon I'm certain.  But I have also been better about using some of the strategies from How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and How to Listen So Kids Will Talk and they really do work.  Just articulating Little A's feelings to her often diffuses her tantrums (i.e., Are you sad because Big A won't let you go into her room?).  Even her bedtime antics have diminished...mostly because I now tell her that if I have to come back into her room after we've tucked her in, I will take away her precious Pink Bear for the night ("Except if I throw up or am bleeding, right mommy?").  Yes, except in the case of an 'emergency'.  Little A has even been waking up with a smile on her face for a change!  Adam thinks we've turned a corner, but I'm still waiting for a regression.  I guess we'll see...

I've also got conferences on the brain right now. The CAN FIT PRO conference is this weekend so its several straight days of fitness training sessions, checking out the latest fitness equipment, gadgets and supplements, and spending way too much money in the tradeshow.

I also found out this week that one of the fertility clinics I work with is giving me a grant to attend our annual conference (the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society) in September to present research we are doing.  I am very excited as this is a great conference and this year it's in Victoria, B.C. and I've never been there before!!

So busy weekend but the timing works out well.  It's supposed to be hot which means I am actually beyond thrilled I have an excuse to spend most of it inside air conditioned buildings for the conference.

Have a good one!

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