Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some

One of my New Year's resolutions was sorting out some of my minor health problems that I was dealing with. There has been some wins and some losses here.

My eye doctor has switched me to daily wear contact lenses and I am feeling optimistic that this will improve my vision and avoid the chronic eye infections I had been getting.

Things were also looking up in terms of my pelvic/hamstring injury and chronic blisters on my feet. Unfortunately, I've had a major regression in this area.

My physiotherapist had gotten me down to one session every two weeks and the pain had improved dramatically. The serious blisters I'd been sporting on my heels had virtually healed altogether. Then the pain started getting worse through my hamstring and last week I had to miss my physio appt because Big A was home sick with me that day. It all went down hill from there. This week the pain was almost as bad as it's ever been, requiring me to get off my desk chair periodically every day and sit in pigeon pose on the floor while attempting to get my readings for school done. Along with that pain, the blisters returned, making me suspect that my initial hunch of a connection between my pelvic alignment and the blisters was correct all along.

This has all gotten me a bit down and wondering whether I am going to have to live with some degree of chronic pain for the rest of my life. Clearly the ridiculous amount of core work I've been doing, as prescribed by my physiotherapist and athletic therapist did not prevent me from having a major relapse. I have a lot to discuss with my therapist at my next appointment Monday!

Another resolution I made, was to do everything in my power to get my career moving in the right direction, and to try and stay optimistic about it. In this area I have achieved success! I am working on my second last course for my Masters - Multiculturalism in Counselling - which I am loving, and I landed a great practicum placement. I now truly believe that my career goals will be met. This makes me so crazy happy. In fact, I would rather suffer from chronic hamstring pain and bad blisters for the rest of my life while having my dream career, than have no pain and be forced to return to my previous career, or another equally unfulfilling one.

There are some people who can accept not loving their work, and find fulfillment elsewhere. I am not one of them. After all, most people end up spending more of their time over the course of their lives at their jobs, than they do with family or enjoying leisure pursuits.

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, nutty, insane, adorable children, great friends and extended family, a lovely house, enjoyable hobbies including cooking,teaching fitness classes and working out...and now, finally, I believe I can have it all. I can be someone who loves their work. Yipee!

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