Monday, February 14, 2011

Manic Monday

Do you have a favorite day of the week? Do you have one that you detest?

Like most people, Saturday is my favorite day. Adam is home until at least 6:45am, before leaving for the gym, as opposed to 6:15am during the week. So I occasionally get help getting Big A dressed and breakfasted, if she is up early (Little A rarely wakes up before 7am).

Saturday also means I don't have to rush the kids out to get Big A to school. I have time for a second cup of coffee, if I want one, and to leisurely eat my breakfast while reading the weekend newspapers, if the girls allow me to.

Sundays are also fun. Adam stays with the girls in the morning while I head off for my one day at the gym. I get to do my intense weights work out for the week, see all my friends and acquaintances at the JCC, and teach my spinning class. After Little A's nap, we usually do family activities (Yesterday we took the girls skating for the first time! It was a big hit with Big A, not so much with Little A).

Although Fridays still have the morning rush, they also hold the anticipation of the weekend and Adam often takes the girls to his parents' or grandparents' house for dinner to give me some extra time for school work or other just-for-me activities.

Tuesdays, for me, are the worst. While I still feel the weekend glow on Monday, by Tuesday it's worn off, and yet there are still 3 more days until the weekend. Tuesday is definitely my least favorite day of the week.

For Big A - like most people, Mondays are hardest. The transition from weekend to weekday is obviously not an easy one for her. This morning was no exception.

My Valentine's Day gift from Big A was a massive tantrum.

Over nothing. As usual.

But I am feeling pretty good because:

1. I didn't yell
2. I didn't use any 4-letter words
3. I didn't call her any names
4. I ignored her while she was acting up
5. She listened to my threat of throwing her in her sock feet, along with her boots and coat onto the front porch where she would be responsible for getting herself dressed in the cold, and got herself dressed before I had to follow through
6. I came up with an appropriate punishment (took away the Valentine's gift I gave her and will not return it until the weekend)

Yay for small victories on a February Monday morning!

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