Friday, February 18, 2011

Mexican Spiced Mocha

It's been so f-ing cold this winter that after my pre-breakfast coffee, I've been switching to mugs of steaming hot tea for the rest of the day. But today it is my favorite weather: about 10 celcius and sunny. The girls were dolls this morning and I'm in a great mood so I decided to make myself a treat after breakfast.

I love the kick this drink has because of the cayenne, but if you don't like heat, simply omit it from the spice mix. If you don't have a milk frother, regular milk is just fine.

4 cups steaming hot coffee (dark roast or your favorite)

2 tsp good quality cocoa powder
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
Pinch of cayenne, to taste (optional)

1/4 cup non-fat milk, frothed

This will make 2 large mugs or fill 1 giant enviro-mug. I consumed it all myself in my enviro-mug, but feel free to divide between 2 people if you aren't quite as gluttonous as I am ;)

Place coffee filter over mug (I simply took one of my unbleached bamboo paper filters and folded edges around my enviro-mug. Place spice mixture into filter and pour coffee through filter to fill mug. Add sweetener of choice and/or milk. If using frothed milk, top with a sprinkle of cinnamon and/or cocoa powder.

You could also make this a fancy after dinner drink by adding liquor!

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  1. That sounds great! I might try that for the fiance tomorrow for an AM treat.