Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Daze and Sick Daze

This week was a complete write-off for me work-wise. Big A was home with me because she had a fever and Wednesday the school was closed anyways because of panic over the snow storm, which didn't end up being that bad.

Nonetheless, I feel like a lot of significant things happened this week. First, Big A and I spent more time together than we have probably since I was on mat leave with her...and we didn't kill each other! In fact, she was incredibly well-behaved. I believe this is partly due to the fact that she loves being sick and was thrilled to be able to stay home. I tried very hard to be patient with her neediness. While I can (not that I would, hee hee) plop Little A in front of the tv and she'll happily sit there by herself while I shower and cook a four-course meal, Big A wants companionship at all times. This makes it really tough for me to get anything done. But I'm working hard at trying to relax and not worry so much about getting things done, or compromising and, for instance, doing my readings for school on the couch, cuddling her while she watches Treehouse.

She is finally fever-free today so it's back to school tomorrow, I just hope that as her health returns, the tantrums do not.

The biggest news I have is that I rocked my interview last Friday and finally landed a placement for school!! I am so insanely excited!! I will be working in a therapy clinic that provides counselling in a number of areas. So it is not specific to infertility/miscarriage counselling, but in some ways, this is an even better opportunity for me. They do actually do a lot of couple's counselling, and since this is a big part of infertility/miscarriage counselling, this will be great experience. But more importantly, because it is a private practice, my supervisor makes sure that student interns learn all aspects of running a practice including record keeping, accounting, billing, etc. Since I know nothing about this side of things, this is great for me. She also wants me to begin before May, maybe a few hours a week, so that I can shadow some of the other counsellors and then be (somewhat) prepared in May to take on my own clients. I am so looking forward to this, I just can't wait. It feels so good to know that I am FINALLY moving towards a career I am passionate about. And to think I almost gave up because I thought once I'd hit my 30s it was too late. Ha!