Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Highlights

Hello and happy Monday...said no one ever.  I actually don't mind Mondays since I love my job, but back in the day of working dreaded corporate jobs I did find them pretty miserable.  If that is the case for you...find a job you enjoy!

This weekend was lovely.  We attended the girls' school Spring Fling Friday night and it was a late night for them.  They were wiped when we got home, but boy did they have a great time.

Saturday morning I saw clients and then, because our scheduled playdate bombed, we decided to take the girls to the Junction Summer Solstice Festival.  The exciting part, is we were able to bicycle there as a family.  The girls are doing great with their cycling.  Once we arrived, we were hot and thirsty, so we went to the Indie Ale House, where I tried a beer I absolutely loved, called the Barnyard.  I gotta go back and get some take out to drink at home!!

Then the girls begged us to let them go on the ferris wheel, so we bought tickets and waited in line for a half hour. 

Although the ride itself was about 3 minutes long, the girls thought it was well worth it, they had a blast.  No complaints about the long ride home either!

Yesterday I taught my spin class and then painted with Little A while Big A was at a birthday party in High Park.  We picked her up and Adam and I let them play in one of the big playgrounds there and then headed home so Adam could get ready for his book club meeting.

The weather was gorgeous.  Unfortunately, this week is going to be uncomfortably hot.  Sorry, I had to get at least one complaint about the weather in.

Have a lovely start to the week.

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