Friday, June 6, 2014

The Importance of Honesty

Given that I work in the field of mental health, and infertility, I am confronted by the issue of stigma all the time.  There is stigma attached to infertility, there is stigma attached to mental illness, heck there is stigma attached to simply going to see a counsellor like myself!

One of my goals is go try and erase the stigma, eliminate the fallacy that one is weak or damaged if facing one of these struggles, or needs to reach out for help.  No matter how it may 'seem', nobody's life is perfect.  Not even the richest, most beautiful, successful people in the world are perfect or have perfect lives.

On this note, I ask you to please read my latest article on infertility for the Huffington Post.

Also, please check out this excellent piece on parenting with cancer by writer Aviva Rubin.

So go and have a great weekend and enjoy the messiness and imperfection of life!

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