Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Canada

Its Friday and sorta a long weekend.  Canada Day is actually next Tuesday but lots of people are taking Monday off, and even today off to make it a long weekend.  So I am going to take a little break from blogging until next Wednesday, to give myself a little extra time to get some other stuff done.  I am thrilled to have tomorrow off...I work most Saturdays, but I do have clients to see on Monday.

Today is the girls' last day of school and Little A, who hates school for some reason which she can't explain and which shocks her teachers who say she is so happy and doing so well there in every way, couldn't be more thrilled.

The girls will continue to attend daycare all summer, which transitions into summer camp mode, except for the second week in July when they are going to Pedalheads camp again.  They adore that camp!!

This weekend we are taking the kids to the Pride family events tomorrow, hopefully on bike, and then having dinner with friends.  Sunday is my nephew's 2nd birthday party.  Monday Little A is going to daycare camp, but Adam is taking Big A to Canada's Wonderland (he took Little A a few weeks ago).

I am feeling grumpy just looking at the weather report though...its supposed to be even hotter than this week.  Blech!

Well have a fabulous long weekend...or normal weekend, and I'll be back next Wednesday.


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