Monday, September 30, 2013


Good morning! I made it through the trials and tribulations of airline travel this weekend.  The trip there was pretty stressful for me...making all my connections was a little too close for comfort given that I like to have some buffer time.

The conference was great, and Victoria, is indeed, beautiful!  The waterfront is the gem of the city for obvious reasons, and what struck me the most is how lush it is: the emerald green grass everywhere looks and feels like velvet.  Oh, and the redwood trees...amazing!  The huge one in front of the parliament buildings is spectacular. 

Unfortunately, it POURED all day Saturday.  I really didn't do much of anything because literally a few minutes outside and, even with an umbrella, I got soaked.  I went through all of my socks and had to actually stop in a store and buy more!  Even then, I think my feet were wet all day.

But the hotel was awesome and I treated myself well.  On Friday, I was so tired and hungry after the conference, I ordered pizza from this place:

Eat in l Take Out l Delivery

It was so awesome!  Lots of vegan options too.

After getting so darn wet and soggy, I also indulged in a massage at the Spa Magnolia.  Okay, if you ever go to Victoria, you seriously have to pay this place a visit.  It was exquisite!!  This is the gorgeous lounge you can relax in before and after your treatments:

I also had a lovely encounter on the plane on the way home which I'll share later.  I hope one day I can bring the family and we can visit Victoria in better weather.  There are lots of museums and sites I didn't get to see.  But I am grateful I had the chance to go and I even feel rejuvenated having slept a lot, and well, the whole trip. 

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip, even if a tad stressful and rainy!