Monday, September 23, 2013

Ripple Effect: Second Skin Cream Review


Well hello Monday morning!  Despite Adam being in Halifax for a conference and lots of rain, it was a pretty good weekend.  Friday my mother-in-law made a birthday dinner for me.  Here's a pic of Big A and I.

Saturday Big A had a morning playdate, so Little A and I went to the mall.  We got her a Halloween costume (not the monarch butterfly one I wanted her to get, but a pink and green fairy get-up), had sushi and then all of us went to my brother's place to give my niece her birthday gifts, and see my parents who were visiting.

Saturday night, my in-laws generously took the girls for a sleepover and I got lots of house stuff done.  Sunday morning I taught my spinning class while they were in Hebrew School, then I took the girls out for lunch before dropping them off for their monthly yoga camp.  Adam, thankfully came home Sunday evening.

The only real challenge was refereeing the girls, who are fighting non-stop lately.  I have now told them that if they fight and bicker, they lose ALL television and electronics privileges for the entire day.  So far its working.

My excitement on Saturday night was having a mama racoon and her 4 babies scratching at my back door (they opened the screen but couldn't get through the glass door, thankfully).  I think they were hoping to get out of the rain!

So remember at the beginning of the summer I was sent some thigh smoothing cream to try?  I initially wrote the stuff off as a total crock, but was actually able to dig up a wee bit of scientific evidence supporting it's efficacy so I decided to give it a try.  I just finished the tube a full 2 and a bit months later.

I am sure you are dying to know the results, huh?

Well, I can't really comment on weather it improves the look of cellulite as I don't really have any.  Don't worry, let me reassure you that I have plenty of other imperfections!  But the cream is also supposed to "reduce thigh volume".  I've never had those stick-like super model thighs nor that gap between my thighs some women have.  They're muscular, for sure, but if I had to be nit picky, I'd say I'd be more than happy to have slimmer inner thighs. 

As directed, I used the cream 2x a least whenever I remembered...and massaged it in.  The directions, however, did not specify exactly how much to use nor how long to massage it in no how long it usually takes to see results. But nothing about this experiment is at all scientific.

Anyways.  So comparing measurements, there seems to be perhaps a millimetre decrease in the circumference of the widest part of my thighs.  This could very well be measurement error, of course, but here you have it.

Will I buy this product?  Not a chance.  Do I recommend it?  I guess if you are doing everything you can do to minimize fat and cellulite in the thigh area through a healthy diet, adequate water consumption and regular exercise and you are still feeling very dissatisfied with the appearance of your thighs, AND you have $60 to spend every few months on this stuff, then go ahead.  Personally, I think most women could use that money for much more important things.