Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flying Solo

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Tomorrow I leave for the CFAS conference in Victoria.  I am both excited and nervous.  Excited because it's always a good conference, and I have never been to lovely Victoria, and nervous because I hate flying.  This trip will really test my limits with flying too.  First there is the 6 hour flight between Toronto and Vancouver, and this is about the maximum duration for a flight I can withstand, and then there is a short flight between Vancouver and Victoria, which, I am assuming, will be on a very small plane vulnerable to turbulence.  Because I am mildly claustrophobic, hate turbulence and get motion sickness (and occasionally experience severe ear pain and temporary hearing loss), flying is never pleasant for me.

I am just trying to focus on how nice it will be once I get there...except that the weather report is calling for rain for the entire trip.  Sigh.

The conference hotel is way too expensive for me, so a friend recommended this one.  It looks beautiful, and as a bonus, it's suites, which means I can prepare some meals in my room and save even more money.  You can bet I'll be scoping out the Saturday farmer's market there to see what awesome local produce I can try!!

I am also someone who needs a very consistent bedtime routine and the time change over such a short trip will very likely mess me up.  Oh well, we have to make sacrifices for things we want sometimes.

The girls couldn't be more excited about me going away.  It's usually Adam who goes away and the idea of having daddy all to themselves for the whole weekend just thrills them.

I'm offline tomorrow, so have a healthy weekend and I'll be back next week.