Monday, November 12, 2012

Samko & Miko Toy and Book Sale

It's hard to believe that Hannukah is just a month away, and Christmas less than two months.  Especially since yesterday was a mild 18 celcius here in Toronto!  Unfortunately this warm weather is supposed to end by tonight.

Us Jews are pretty lucky this time of year.  Unless we've bought into the whole Make-Hannukah-a-Proxy-for-Christmas thing, than we don't have the same pressures to buy, buy, buy, that Christians do.

When I read stats on how much North Americans spend at Christmas, on average, and how many go into debt to do so, it really freaks me out.  I've heard from people about the family politics involved and how buying someone the wrong gift or spending too much or too little can cause a rift that lasts years.  Yikes, who needs it???

On the other hand, the Christmas season can be kind of a bummer for us non-celebrators.  It kind of feels like there is a big party going on and we're not invited.  While everyone else complains of being too busy with social events, gift shopping and home decorating.  We're kind of bored and lonesome.  That's why I'm glad we now go to Florida with Adam's folks every year.  We have a different, sunny, pool party all our own!

I also love that my mother-in-law hosts a Hannukah party for everybody.  This usually includes our family, Adam's sister's family, my brother and his family, my parents, if they are in town, and Adam's aunt and uncle and cousins, and their families.

We restrict the gift giving to the children, but the list of kids keeps growing every year (although I suspect almost everybody is done procreating at this point) and so does the shopping list.  For the second year, we hit the Samko & Miko Toy and Book Warehouse Sale.  It has a massive inventory of toys, books, arts and crafts, stuffed animals and small sports equipment.  The prices are fantastic and you are almost guaranteed to find something for every kid on your list.

The girls were in absolute heaven as we explored the warehouse.  Big A decided to spend some of her allowance money on a fashion doll, and Little A suckered Adam into buying her one too (since she doesn't yet get allowance).  The girls could not get home fast enough to play with their new toys.  Big A also bought her 'boyfriend' about a year's supply of Spiderman stickers for Hannukah.   The only thing I didn't find, that was on my list, was a dollhouse, which my parents want to buy the girls for Hannukah. There were some very small ones, but the girls want one big enough for their Barbies.

They have several locations across the GTA, as well as one in Ottawa and one in London, Ontario. If you live nearby one of them and you have a lot of holiday shopping to do, I encourage you to check it out.

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