Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back to Yoga

Despite promises to myself, I fell off the wagon and stopped doing yoga for about 6 weeks.  Once my counselling practice picked up, it just got too difficult to schedule clients around the classes, and even when I didn't have client sessions, there always seemed something else to do: accounting, paperwork, errands, baking, volunteer obligations at the school/daycare. 

But, my friends, I paid the price.  My muscles got stiff, and one night when attempting to stretch them out, I re-injured my hamstring.  Although I heard a pop, and the onset of pain was rather sudden, I've healed enough by now that I'm pretty sure it wasn't a complete avulsion (tear), nevertheless, it's not feeling as good as it was before that incident.  Upping my L-Glutamine intake has helped, and I'm pleased that this time most activities feel fine, yet sitting still causes discomfort and that is a royal pain-in-the-ass.  Literally.  I finally get in to see my sportsmedicine doctor this week, so I'll find out if anything can be done at this point.  I doubt I am a candidate for another cortisone shot as they can further weaken the tendons.

So lesson learned.  This aging 38-year-old body needs yoga on a regular basis.  Getting to the JCC for my favorite classes isn't realistic, but I lack all motivation to do a practice at home because, up until now, I haven't found a DVD I LOVE, nor have I ever really enjoyed doing a practice at home. 

Well that's all changed my friends!  For $10 I recently purchased Flow Yoga: Strength & Flexibility on a whim.  I tired of all my other DVDs ages ago and stopped doing online classes because I find it annoying to watch the small screen on my computer (we have no Internet on our t.v.s).  I wanted to find something that would as closely as possible emulate the experience I get when I go for a real class.  I'd almost given up hope of finding the perfect DVD, but I'm telling you: I did!!

I actually enjoy this one so much, I really look forward to fitting in a practice a few times a week.  This one DVD provides so much variety, that I can never repeat the exact same routine for a few weeks.  It has an optional warm-up and cool-down, a general practice, and then routines that focus on: hips, legs, back bends, core, and arms.  The arms one actually focuses more on chest and shoulder openers, but whatever.  You can customize routines ranging from 15 minutes to 75 minutes.  I LOVE THIS DVD!!

The best thing is that the instructor's style of teaching and the sequences she uses are very similar to that of my favorite instructor at the JCC.  Her cueing is helpful and clear and the pace is perfect and level of difficulty is perfect for me.  The setting is also beautiful, inspiring and serene: it's filmed in Glacier National Park.  If you are looking for a great yoga DVD, this is the one!

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