Friday, November 23, 2012

Everybody Poops


I am so glad it's the weekend!! How about you?

It's not that it's been a bad week, per se, but it's been exhausting.

For the first time in a long time, I had insomnia.  In fact, last night was the first good sleep I've had since last Sunday night.

This self-employment thing is tough for me sometimes.  The whole uncertainty of it.  You see, this week was looking pretty quiet counselling-wise, so I took on a whole host of other commitments.  Then at the last minute, the appointments started coming in and before I knew it, this week was completely jam-packed.  Not a bad thing, but I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

A lot of my stress is due to the fact that I'm on the fundraising committee for the girls' daycare and we have our big annual fundraising event next Tuesday.  I volunteered to take care of the catering, which I'm pleased about, of course, because I got to insist on healthier fare than past years, but going with a new caterer, it also means that if it flops for any reason, it's all on my head.  Also, because I'm one of the few parents on the committee with a flexible work schedule, I feel obligated to pull my weight and take care of some of the tasks that are tough for the parents who have less flexible schedules.

Like most weeks, there have been highs and lows.  One of the highs was getting tickets for me and two girlfriends to be in the CityLine audience!  Both my friends even won prizes to take home.  I wasn't as lucky and the giveaways weren't too exciting, but, it was still fun.  Tracey Moore, the host, is just as beautiful and down-to-earth in person as she is on camera.

Little A was also in a great mood, for the most part.  Monday night when I picked the girls up, she asked me if I knew that rhinoceroses make big, ball-shaped poos.  Since I love potty talk and bathroom humour, I thought this was hysterical.  When Adam and I asked how she knew this, she explained that her teacher, Catherine, read them a book called Everybody Poops.  We definitely have our kids in the right daycare!  When I picked her up the next day, I mentioned to Catherine how much I loved this idea, and she showed me the book.  It's absolutely hilarious, and I seriously have to get us a copy of our own!

My SSN also finally arrived from the IRS, so I hopefully don't have to make any more trips across the border.

The weather this week has also been lovely and mild, however, I understand this is ending tonight and the chilly temps will arrive, which I suspect is the beginning of real winter.

The low of the week has to be Wednesday when Big A and I got into it.  She was playing teacher with her school playset in the morning when I announced it was time to leave.  She had a major temper tantrum because she wanted to keep playing and she was worried that our house cleaner would 'mess up' her stuff.  She took the pointer stick (for pointing to the blackboard), and started hitting the dining room table with it, hard enough to leave marks, and a little too close to where Little A was resting her hand.  I exploded and literally picked her up and carried her to the front door.  Once I put her down, she repeatedly tried to dart around me back to her toys.  I kept having to pick her up and physically move her to the front door.  In the end, she agreed to help me put away the play set and save it for another day, but not before there were lots of tears, and admittedly, lots of yelling.

She needn't have worried because our house cleaner ended up cancelling at the last minute, which left me running around, on what was one of my busiest days this week, trying to get the laundry done.  And the house is a still a mess.

Then as I was cycling to my first client appointment, a car swerved and clipped me.  Me and my bike are fine, thankfully, but the a-hole didn't even stop, and I was shaken up and pissed off.

We have a busy weekend of errands, birthday parties, and dinner with friends, but I finally feel like things are back under control.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S., you are all probably going on a major shopping spree this weekend...and happy weekend to everyone else!

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