Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumping Iron

Good Monday morning!  Sandy is having an impact on most of eastern North America.  Even here in Toronto, it's rainy and DARK!  Oh what a week it's going to be, and Halloween week, no less!  Anyways...

Since first trying it last year, I have become a regular blood donor.  It's not an unpleasant task, and I feel like it's just such a good thing to do.

Unfortunately, I have started having some difficulty with the restrictions.  No, not the exchanging bodily fluids with monkeys, my blood pressure, which is really low, has almost been too low a few times, and last week, I was actually rejected altogether because I twice failed the hemoglobin test.

I have never had problems with my iron levels before, not even while pregnant, so I was a bit surprised.  Even more surprise that the nurse started barking at me that given just how low my iron was, I must be feeling tired (um, no) and she could SEE it in my face.  Thanks.  Something tells me that looking anemic is not a good thing.  She also told me to start eating spinach.  Ha ha, she clearly didn't have a clue who she was dealing with! 

The nurse ordered me to start taking an iron supplement as soon as possible, warning me about the constipation that will accompany it.  Yeah, I already knew about that.  So even though I don't feel tired (geez, I'm usually referred to as the Energizer Bunny!), I've started taking iron pills.  Hey, who can't use a little more energy? When I consulted one of the fertility doctors I work with, however, he said my levels are just a bit below normal and really nothing to be concerned about, but he did say I should try the pills and see how I tolerate them.

I just worry - given my past problems with insomnia - that if this puts me over the top into bouncing-off-the-walls-land, that I'll start having difficulty sleeping.  As it was, when I announced to my spinning class yesterday that apparently I haven't been functioning at full capacity and potentially will have even MORE energy soon, they groaned.

We shall see...I'll keep you posted on the sleep and the poop, since I'm sure you'll want to know all the gruesome details.

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